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Matt Wells, Head Technician/Owner
Starting in 1992 as a part-owner of a simple PC Retail Sales Shop - my IT journey has taken me through the pre-Y2K technology start-ups as an IT Manager and then to advanced Help Desk work in early 2000's. In 2006, my focus shifted to IT Management and Infrastructure Development with a face-to-face style. I have worked intimately with hundreds of small to large businesses throughout BC to ensure that IT expectations are met and exceeded. Most recently, I have worked with many local Okanagan companies and individuals where I continue to provide a superior level of service to all of my clients.
Desktop/Laptop/Workstation Certified Warranty Technician - LENOVO
A+ Certification 2009 - COMPTIA
Tower/Rack/Blade Server Certified Sales Associate - DELL, HP
Microsoft Certified Professional - MICROSOFT
Peach City IT Services is a concept born out of the need for a unified computer services company that could bring the
professional level of service you receive at your business to your home. That special trust relationship that you build
with your technician at work is a natural choice for most people when it comes to trusting someone with your personal
data. It is also true that more and more businesses are primarily based out of the home and may not see themselves
as candidates for traditional 'managed-services' IT support.
We are the answer to those needs. At Peach City, it is our mission to bring you professional computer services to your
home or business (or both!) at a price that is so affordable that you will have little trouble trusting us with all of your IT
needs. Let PCIT be your one-stop-shop for Sales, Service and Support.